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Located on Silver Lake Road, at the US 23 North interchange, in Fenton, Michigan, Eclections is the areas premiere destination for the latest in fashion! Clothing, shoes, jewelry, and handbags, we have it all.

Opening Eclections was a dream years in the making. My earliest memories involve helping my mom at her gift store and then later, working in the office for my father's sporting goods store. It would make sense that I would have studied business in college, but instead I had thought I wanted a career in the health field. After years of saying "I'd love to have a store" the timing was right and the opportunity presented itself for Eclections to develop.

If you have shopped at Eclections, the one thing you may have learned is that we are a traditional family business. After coming out of retirement, my parents have spent the past nine years teaching me the lessons they had learned over their previous twenty years of retail. To some, working with your parents may seem challenging, but I would not trade the experience and knowledge that I have gained for anything.

I love the tasks and trials that owning a store presents. Every day is something different. My favorite aspect of Eclections is working with the customers. There is not anything more satisfying than helping a woman find the perfect outfit that makes her feel special and at her best, or assisting someone select the perfect gift. Even more rewarding is when they stop back in to share their stories.

Since opening Eclections, I have faced some major challenges, met so many incredible people and have been given amazing opportunities. In March of 2013, I traveled to China with the owners and directors of Brighton Collectibles to tour their factories, meet the workers, and see first hand how their products are made. When I opened, I could never have imagined being given such an opportunity and it was an invaluable experience.

After five years at our first locatoin, we relocated Eclections to Silver Lake Road. Many know our location as the old "Paint Store" but we have completely remodeled, both inside and out. I love the new layout and direction the store has taken. I have always wanted Eclections to be an everchanging "eclectic" collection. What started as a gift store, has evolved into a ladies boutique. We continue to carry an array of gifts though, including Habersham wax pottery and gifts from Brighton & Vera Bradley. 

As someone who has always loved fashion, the addition of clothing and footwear has been exciting. What started as a few t-shirts, has evolved, due to customer demand, to a full selection of ladies clothes. While the challenges of predicting fashion trends and customers needs can be difficult, it is also one of the most exciting aspects of my job. At Eclections, I have been able to carry an array of styles and price points. We have traditional "Missy" lines such as Erin London, Tribal, Lana Lee, Lisette L, and Renuar.  Recently, we have been adding more "Junior" lines in order to provide our customers more trendy styles with brands like Miss Me, Lucky Brand, and A' Reve. When shopping, price is also an important factor. As one customer just told me, she received countless compliments on an outfit she wore to a wedding, and it cost less than $50. We have wonderful maxi skirts, made in the US, for only $20 and trendy bling jeans for only $29. However, if you are looking to splurge, we also have Karen Kane, Joseph Rikoff and other brands found at department stores like Nordstroms and Neiman Marcus.

Can't wait to see you...
Nicole Medich McCurdy


Eclections, 495 N Fenway Dr. Suite 1, Fenton, MI  48430 



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